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2004, Vol.7, No.3, pp.291-297

Multiwave Mixing and Soliton-like Structures in Photorefractive Crystals.
I.N. Agishev, K.A. Pismennaya, A. Kiessling, A.L. Tolstik

In the present work the effect of different interaction parameters on efficiency of energy exchange between light beams in the process of multiwave mixing and on formation of spatial soliton-like structures in photorefractive Bi12TiO12 (BTO) crystals and doped CdTe crystals has been studied experimentally. It has been demonstrated that doping of CdTe crystals by vanadium, titanium or ferrum results in appearance of the absorption bands in near IR region (0.9 - 2.5 ) making it possible to provide a control over the photorefractive properties. Relaxation time of photorefractive gratings measured with the help of pulsed laser sources (YAG lasers, wavelength - 1064 nm) was 200 ns. Generation of stable soliton-like structures in BTO crystals has been realized at a wavelength of 633 nm (continuous-wave He-Ne laser) using additional illumination (incoherent dark irradiance.
Key words: photorefractive crystal, multiwave mixing, spatial soliton

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