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Volume 7, Number 3, 2004    Open Access Issue
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Dinara`s Crosses, Chaoticity and Robustness in Stochastic Dynamics of Solar Activity. pp.210-226
R. M. Yulmetyev, S. A. Demin, P. Hänggi, A. I. Galeev

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Interaction of Free Boundaries in the Modified Stefan Problem.  pp.227-237
G.A.Omel'yanov and V.Yu.Rudnev

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Global Stability and Bifurcation in a Delayed Nonlinear Autotroph-Herbivore Model. pp.238-249
M. Bandyopadhyay

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Ricci Coefficients in Covariant Dirac Equation, Symmetry Aspects and Newmann-Penrose Approach. pp.250-262
V.M. Red'kov

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On Stability of the Origin in Homogenized Quadratic Systems of ODEs in . pp.263-272
M. Mencinger

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The Effect of Cavity Trapped Amplified Luminescence on the Dynamics of Laser Diodes.  pp.273-282
L.I. Burov, V.A. Savva, S.G. Rusov, A.G. Ryabtsev, G.I. Ryabtsev, A.S. Smal, K.A.Shore

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Unitarity in Generalized Quantum Mechanics and Hawking's Information Problem for Black Holes.  pp.283-290
A.E. Shalyt-Margolin

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Multiwave Mixing and Soliton-like Structures in Photorefractive Crystals.   pp.291-297
I.N. Agishev, K.A. Pismennaya, A. Kiessling, A.L. Tolstik

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Electric Field Screening and Dielectric Relaxation in Two-Component Metal-Dielectric Disperse Medium. pp.298-303
A.L. Babichev and G.G. Krylov

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Laser Pulse Evolution in a Cavity with a Gate Based on Thermal Nonlinearity. pp.304-309
A.A. Afanas'ev, R.A. Vlasov, D.A. Khomchenko

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Dynamics of a Multilevel Two-Dimensional Quantum System in a Modulated Laser Field with Polarization Vector Rotation. pp.310-313
A.S. Mazurenko

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