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2006, Vol.9, No.1, pp.97-104

Complex Analysis of Human Electroencephalograms with Circulatory Disturbances of the Brain.
A.V. Sidorenko, G.I. Ovsyankina, N.A.Solonovich

The results of human electroencephalograms with circulatory disturbances of the brain are demonstrated. The approach developed that enables to estimate from electroencephalograms the presence circulatory disturbances of the brain. Changes of the state human central nervous system have been fulfilled by delayed coordinate method. The information parameter for the visual analysis is the construction of the first return map for electroencephalogram. Quantitative parameter for characterizing bioelectric signals in dynamics is the integral parameter of correlation dimension. This parameter is agree to the results obtained by the spectral correlation method. Usage of the obtained results, first return map and correlation dimension estimations offer great promise for the prognosis, estimation of the remission durability in the case of pathologies associated with circulatory disturbances of brain.
Key words: central nervous system, electroencephalogram, information, analysis, fractal dimension, deterministic chaos

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