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Volume 9, Number 1, 2006    Open Access Issue
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Statistical Memory Effects in Time Series Dynamics: Application to Parkinson's Disease.  pp.1-16
R. M. Yulmetyev, S. A. Demin, P. Hänggi

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Influence of Magnetic Fields on Self-Consistent Behaviour of Relativistic Hydrogen-Like Atom in a Resonant Electromagnetic Field.   pp.17-31
H. V. Grushevskaya and G. G. Krylov

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Discrete Maps as a Model of Spatial Deterministic Chaos.   pp.32-42
I. V. Izmailov, A. V. Lyachin, B. N. Poizner, and D. A. Shergin

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Deterministic Inventory Model for Deteriorating Items with Stock Level-Dependent Demand, Shortage, Inflation and Time Discounting.  pp.43-52
T. Roy and K. S. Chaudhuri

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Static Cosmology from Chaos-Borne Hubble Law.  pp.53-60
Otto E. Rossler

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A Semiclassical ANEC Constraint on Classical Traversable Lorentzian Wormholes.  pp.61-67
Kamal K. Nandi, Yuan-Zhong Zhang, and N. G. Migranov

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Controlling Chaos of a Nonlinear Stiff System.  pp.68-74
Chu Yan-dong, Zhou Wei, and Chang Ying-xiang

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Master Equation with Non-Poissonian Statistics and Finite Duration of Collisions.  pp.75-80
M. F. Gelin and A. P. Blokhin

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An Exactly Solvable Model of Neural Networks.   pp.81-86
A. D. Linkevich and S. V. Zhestkov

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The Transmutation of Minor Actinides in a System "Proton Accelerator - Lead Neutron-Producing Target - Graphite Neutron Moderator".   pp.87-91
H.I. Kiyavitskaya, T.N. Korbut, B.A. Martsynkevich, A.M. Khilmanovich

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Monte Carlo Method for Modeling of Energy Transfer in Systems with Multiple Interactions.   pp.92-96
S. Yu. Mikhnevich and S. K. Gorbatsevich

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Complex Analysis of Human Electroencephalograms with Circulatory Disturbances of the Brain.   pp.97-104
A.V. Sidorenko, G.I. Ovsyankina, N.A.Solonovich

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