An Interdisciplinary Journal

2006, Vol.9, No.4, pp.352-359

"Granular Clock" and Full Segregation in a Shaken, Binary Granular Medium: Experiments and Simulations.
Sparisoma Viridi, Malte Schmick, and Mario Markus

We consider a binary granular medium consisting of spheres having equal densities and different diameters, as well as spheres having equal diameters and different densities. The spheres are within two connected compartments and are shaken vertically and periodically. We obtain the first experimental evidence for: a) Oscillations (periodical displacement of the spheres back and forth between the two compartments); and b) full segregation (one type of spheres moves to one compartment, while the other type stays in the other compartment). A simple model yields transitions to these regimes.
Key words: granular media, nonlinear oscillations, processing of granular materials

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