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Volume 9, Number 4, 2006
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Non-Markov Statistical Effects of X-Ray Emission Intensity of The Microquasar Grs 1915+105.  pp.313-330
R. M. Yulmetyev, S. A. Demin, R. M. Khusnutdinov,O.Yu.Panischev, and P. Hänggi

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Critical Nonlinear Dissipative Equations on a Half-Line.   pp.331-351
Felipe Benitez and Elena I. Kaikina

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"Granular Clock" and Full Segregation in a Shaken, Binary Granular Medium: Experiments and Simulations.   pp.352-359
Sparisoma Viridi, Malte Schmick, and Mario Markus

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Effect of Delays on Persistence and Stability in a Nutrient Based Ecosystems.  pp.360-369
Debasis Mukherjee

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Performances of the Near-end Coherent Speech Detector.   pp.370-379
Z. N. Milivojevic and M.D. Mirkovic

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About Stability and Boundedness of Solutions of Certain Fourth Order Differential Equations.  pp.380-387
Cemil Tunc

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Nonlinear Dynamics of a System in Spherical Geometry.  pp.388-393
V. V. Kabanov and V. A. Sobolevsky

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Dissipative Dynamical System with Lakes of Vada.  pp.394-398
D. W. Serow

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A New Switching Piecewise-Linear Chaotic Attractor with Two Equilibria of Saddle-Focus Type.   pp.399-402
Zeraoulia Elhadj

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New approximate radial wave functions for power-law potentials.  pp.403-409
Vladimir Kudryashov

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Exact Solutions of the Equation for SU(2)-multiplet of Scalar Particles in Constant Chromomagnetic Fields .  pp.410-415
L. F. Babichev

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Personalia: To 60th anniversary of V.I. Kuvshinov.   


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