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Volume 12, Number 2, 2009
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Electroweak Corrections to the Drell-Yan Process at LHC.  pp.106-118
V. A. Mossolov, N. M. Shumeiko, J. G. Suarez, and V. A. Zykunov

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Modelling, Controller Design, and Computational Tools for the Closed-Loop Control of the Cold Flow Fluidized Bed Riser.   pp.119-129
Dong Ye, Vivek Natarajan, Bryan Petrus, Shu Zhang, and Joseph Bentsman

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Funnel's Fluctuations in Dyonic Case: Intersecting D1-D3 Branes.  pp.130-140
Jamila Douari and Arafa H. Ali

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Threshold Resummation S-Factor in the Relativistic Quasipotential Approach: the Case of Unequal Masses.   pp.141-149
Yu.D.Chernichenko and O.P.Solovtsova

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Long Distance Entanglement of Continuous Variables in Fiber.  pp.150-158
S. Ya. Kilin and A. B. Mikhalychev

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Probing and Identifying Large Extra Dimensions at the Hadron and Lepton Colliders.  pp.159-167
A. A. Pankov and A. V. Tsytrinov

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Polarized Asymmetries of Electroweak Photon-Lepton Interaction at ILC Energy.  pp.168-176
T. V. Shishkina

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Massless Fields in the Dirac-Kähler Theory.  pp.177-184
V. A. Pletyukhov and V. I. Strazhev

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Nonlinear Dynamics of Deuteron Spin in Storage Rings Caused by the Tensor Electric and Magnetic Polarizabilities.   pp.185-192
A.J. Silenko

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Modeling the Velocity and Temperature Fields Caused by Waste Heat Discharge from Power Plant Cooling Systems into Water Basin with Complicated Shape.  pp.193-198
A. G. Trifonov, A. G. Lukashevich, A. A.Andrijievskij, and R. Heling

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Exact Wave Functions of Electron in a Quantum Dot with Account of the Rashba Spin-Orbit Interaction.  pp.199-203
V. V. Kudryashov

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Brownian Motion on a Sphere.  pp.204-207
A. V. Zherelo

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The Polarized Deep Inelastic ep-Scattering with the Charged Current.  pp.208-210
E. S. Timoshin and S. I. Timoshin

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