An Interdisciplinary Journal

2010, Vol.13, No.4, pp.381-388

Quantum Oscillators and Excitation Dynamics of Resonance Media by Laser Radiation.
V. A. Savva

Method of quantum oscillators for dynamical problems is presented. It is a tool to construct exact analytical solutions of dynamical equations describing coherent excitation of quantum multilevel systems (models of molecules, resonance media) by high-power laser radiation. A number of quantum oscillators is constructed and exact solutions are obtained for the dynamics of various quantum systems. The method is generalized to construction and using of deformed oscillators (i.e. q-oscillators). Coherent excitation regimes allow a target energy level of a quantum system to be populated selectively. It is necessary for optical information recording in a resonance medium, for laser controlling physical-chemical processes, for investigation of characteristics of high-excited molecules and energy redistribution in a medium during relaxation processes.
Key words: quantum oscillators, orthogonal polynomials, quantum system dynamics, exact solutions

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