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Volume 13, Number 4, 2010
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Electron Diffusion and Spontaneous Dielectric Polarization in Modified Carbon Nanotube Clusters Fabricated by Langmuir - Blodgett Method on Metal-containing Nanocomposites.  pp.334-351
H. V. Krylova, B. G. Shulitsky, and V. V. Hrushevsky

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On the Wave Functions and Energy Spectrum for a Spin 1 Particle in an External Coulomb Field.   pp.352-367
V. V. Kisel, E.M. Ovsiyuk, and V. M. Red'kov

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Influence of Spatial Inhomogeneity of Pump Energy Distribution on Output Characteristics of Yb:Er Laser with End Pump.  pp.368-380
L. I. Burov, G. G. Krylov, and L. G. Krylova

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Quantum Oscillators and Excitation Dynamics of Resonance Media by Laser Radiation.   pp.381-388
V. A. Savva

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Numerical Simulation of Impurity Diffusion at the Formation of Ultrashallow Doped Areas in Semiconductors.  pp.389-395
F. F. Komarov, A. F. Komarov, A. M. Mironov, O. I. Velichko,, G. M. Zayats

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Cell Functioning Characterization Using Spontaneous Polarization Hysteresis in Thin Langmuir - Blodgett Films with Modified Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes and Rare-earth Atoms.  pp.396-408
H. V. Grushevskaya, V. V. Hrushevsky, N. G. Krylova, T. A. Kulahava, I. V. Lipnevich, T. I. Orekhovskaya, G. N. Semenkova, B. G. Shulitsky

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On the Circular Polarization of Radiation of Positrons Moving in Channeling Conditions in Bent Crystal at Small Angles with Respect to Atomic Strings.  pp.409-415

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Relaxation Cycles in Laser Rate Equationswith Small Delay.  pp.416-421
Elena V. Grigorieva and Sergey A. Kaschenko

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Study the Signals of QGP Using Monte Carlo Generators.   pp.422-427
L.F.Babichev and A.N.Khmialeuski

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Two Charged Boson Production in Processes of Lepton Annihilation.  pp.428-431
T. V. Shishkina and O. Yu. Kichakova

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Local Dynamics of Complex DDE with Large Delay Feedback.  pp.432-437
D. V. Glazkov

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