An Interdisciplinary Journal

2010, Vol.13, No.4, pp.389-395

Numerical Simulation of Impurity Diffusion at the Formation of Ultrashallow Doped Areas in Semiconductors.
F. F. Komarov, A. F. Komarov, A. M. Mironov, O. I. Velichko, , G. M. Zayats

A model of the diffusion of dopant atoms implanted in silicon is presented. The model is based on the creation and migration of dopant-vacancy and dopant-self interstitial complexes. It accounts process nonlinearity and influence of non-uniform defects distribution as well as electric field and elastic stress on the migration of atoms. The finite-difference method is applied to numerical approximation of the obtained system of nonlinear equations. Estimate of accuracy is obtained. Numerical simulation results are in a reasonable agreement with experimental data. The proposed method enables to predict observable experimentally "kink and tail" profile shapes, the "uphill" diffusion and local maxima formation at a crystal surface.
Key words: ion implantation, rapid thermal annealing, diffusion, mathematical model, finite-difference method

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