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Volume 14, Number 4, 2011
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Kramers Degenerated Spin Systems "NV Center + Few Proximal C Nuclei" in Diamond for Single-Spin Magnetometry.  pp.319-334
Alexander P. Nizovtsev, Sergei Ya. Kilin, Alexander L. Pushkarchuk, Vadim L. Pushkarchuk, Semen A. Kuten

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Structural Control of Nonlinear Dynamical Behaviour of Non-Contact Standing Wave Ultrasonic Motor.   pp.335-347
D. A. Stepanenko and V. T. Minchenya

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Influence of an Environment on Spectral-Luminescent and Generation Characteristics of New Coumarins.  pp.348-355
Slavomir Anufrick, Vikentiy Tarkovsky, and Henadzy Sazonko

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Quantum Chemical Simulation of the Structure of Carborane and Endohedral Backminsterfullerene Derivatives.   pp.356-362
Eugene Dikusar, Vladimir Zelenkovski, Vladimir Potkin, Dmitriy Rudakov, Alexangder Pushkarchuk, Andrei Soldatov, Vadim Pushkarchuk

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Burnup Estimation of Rhodium Self-Powered Neutron Detector Emitter in VVER Reactor Core Using Monte Carlo Simulations.  pp.363-369
A. A. Khrutchinsky, S. A. Kuten, and L. F. Babichev

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Detecting and Discriminating New Neutral Gauge Bosons at the International Linear Collider.  pp.370-376
A.A.Pankov and A.V.Tsytrinov

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Interaction of Active Galactic Jets with Dark Matter Substructures.  pp.377-383
A. L. Poplavsky and O. P. Kuznechik

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Change in the Microscopic Diffusion Mechanisms of Boron Implanted into Silicon with Increase in the Annealing Temperature.  pp.384-390
O. I. Velichko and A. A. Hundorina

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Theoretical Investigation of the Radiation Pressure Force Acting on a Spherical Nanoparticle Located in the Laser Radiation Field.   pp.391-398
D. V. Guzatov, L. S. Gaida, and A. A. Afanas'ev

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The Influence of the Nano-Size Fullerides C60(FeCp2)2, C60(NiCp2)2 and its Derivatives on the Cell Proliferation in Vitro.   pp.399-404
Andrei G. Soldatov, Edward M. Shpilevski, Vitalii A. Goranov, Vladimir I. Potkin, Valerii L. Shirokii, Alexander L. Pushkarchuk, Floriana Tuna

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Fiber-Optic Fluorescence Temperature Sensors.  pp.405-410
Mikhail Khodasevich, George Sinitsyn, and Yury Varaksa

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Two-Dimensional Oscillations in a Quantum Well with Polynomial Potential.  pp.411-416
A.Sanin and E.Semyonov

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Molecular Mechanics Methods of Carbon Nanotubes Vibration Spectra with and without Molecules Incorporation.  pp.417-421
A. L. Pushkarchuk, A. A. Khrutchinsky, S. A. Kuten, V. A. Pushkarchuk, A. P. Nizovtsev, S. Ya. Kilin, A. M. Saad

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