An Interdisciplinary Journal

2017, Vol.20, No.1, pp.50-55

Analytic Perturbation Theory: Target Mass Corrections to Nucleon Structure Functions
V. I. Lashkevichv and O. P. Solovtsova

For accounting of target mass contributions to unpolarized nucleon structure functions in the deep-inelastic scattering, we suggest to use a new approach which follows from the use of the ideas of the analytic perturbation theory. It is shown that this approach eliminates a known problem, which arises in the limit as the Bjorken variable . We have demonstrated that the target mass corrections to the structure functions calculated by using this new approach can be noticeably differ from the standard Georgi–Polizer approach result.

Key words: deep-inelastic scattering, nucleon structure functions, target mass corrections

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