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Volume 20, Number 1, 2017;
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Theory of Line Narrowing by Deep Nano-Trap Lattice in Raman Gas   pp. 1-11
A. Husakou, M. Alharbi, M. Chafer, B. Debord, F. Gerome, and F. Benabid

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Stability of External Cavity Modes in the Model of Semiconductor Laser with Large Delay   pp. 12-20
Alexandra Kashchenko

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Spin 1 Particle with Anomalous Magnetic Moment in an External Uniform Magnetic Field   pp. 21-39
V. Kisel, Ya. Voynova, E. Ovsiyuk, V. Balan, and V. Red'kov

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Analysis of Bifurcations of Periodic Solutions of Ikeda Equation   pp. 40-49
E. P. Kubyshkin and A. R. Moriakova

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Analytic Perturbation Theory: Target Mass Corrections to Nucleon Structure Functions   pp. 50-55
V. I. Lashkevichv and O. P. Solovtsova

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To Analysis of the Dirac and Majorana Particle Solutions in Schwarzschild Field   pp. 56-72
E. M. Ovsiyuk, O. V. Veko, Yu. A. Rusak, A. V. Chichurin, and V. M. Red'kov

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Optical Rogue Waves in a Laser with Saturable Absorber   pp. 73-81
Cristina Rimoldi, Stephane Barland, Franco Prati, and Giovanna Tissoni

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Formation, Propagation, and Interaction of Nematicons   pp. 82-88
I. I. Rushnova, E. A. Melnikova, and A. L. Tolstik

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The Genetic Algorithm for Image Encryption   pp. 89-95
A. V. Sidorenko and M. S. Shishko

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Analytic QCD Coupling and the Renormalization Group Evolution of the Structure Function Moments   pp. 96-101
A. V. Sidorov and O. P. Solovtsova

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Thomas Precession in Some Riemannian Spacetimes   pp. 102-110
Alexander J. Silenko

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