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Volume 20, Number 3, 2017;
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Valence Electronic Structure of CaNb2O6 Crystal with Embedding Potential Method   pp.216-227
I. V. Abarenkov, V. A. Fedorova, D. A. Maltsev, and A. V. Titov

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On Some Metric Characteristics of Polysystems with Control Switchings in Discrete Time   pp.228-237
S. M. Khryashchev

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Field-theoretical Model of Helical Turbulence   pp. 238 - 248
M. Hnatic and P. Zalom

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Classical and Quantum Dynamics of Electromagnetically Coupled Spinning Particles in Riemannian Spacetimes   pp. 249 - 257
Yu. N. Obukhov, A. J. Silenko, and O. V. Teryaev

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Construction of Approximate Formulas for Functionals of the Wiener and Some Other Processes and also Numerical Examples   pp. 258 - 266
Leonid Yanovich and Andrei Khudyakov

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Integrability Study of a Four-dimensional Eighth-order Nonlinear Wave Equation   pp. 267 - 271
S. Yu. Sakovich

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Measurable Quantities in Quantum Theory and Thermodynamics and Some Their Applications   pp. 272 - 285
Alexander Shalyt-Margolin

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The Efficient Contour of the Inverse Mellin Transformation for the F3 Structure Function   pp. 286 - 293
V. I. Lashkevich, A. V. Sidorov, and O. P. Solovtsova

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Optical Bistability, Switching Waves and Pattern Formation in Nonlinear Microcavities: Numerical Solution of Maxwell Equations   pp. 294 - 300
O. G. Romanov

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On the Analytical Structure of Relativistic Two-body Interaction Current   pp. 301 - 306
A.V. Bekzhanov, S.G. Bondarenko, and V. V. Burov

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Simulation of the ECAL Trigger System of the COMET Experiment   pp. 307 - 312
A. Melnik and Dz. Shoukavy

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On One Approximation of a Solution of Nonlinear Stochastic Differential Equations with a Drift and Its Application   pp. 313 - 318
Anatoly Zherelo

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