An Interdisciplinary Journal

2018, Vol.21, No.4, pp.326 - 334

Decays of Z and Higgs bosons going with charged lepton flavor violation
O. M. Boyarkin, G. G. Boyarkina, and D. S. Vasileuskaya

Within the left-right symmetric model (LRM) the charged lepton flavor violation decays of the Z1 and S1 bosons which are analogs of Z and Higgs bosons of the standard model (SM) are investigated. The obtained widths do not equal to zero only provided the heavy neutrino masses are hierarchical and the neutrino mixing angles are nonzero. As a result, looking for these decays gives information on the following parameters of the LRM: (i) heavy-heavy neutrino mixing; (ii) heavy-light neutrino mixing; (iii) heavy neutrino masses.

Key words: charged lepton flavor violation, left-right symmetric model, Z and H boson decays, heavy and light neutrinos, mixing in the neutrino sector, Large Hadron Collider

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