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Volume 21, Number 4, 2018;
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Geometrization for a Quantum-Mechanical Problem of a Vector Particle in an External Coulomb Field   pp. 309 - 325
N. G. Krylova, E. M. Ovsiyuk, V. Balan, and V. M. Red'kov

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Decays of Z and Higgs bosons going with charged lepton flavor violation   pp. 326 - 334
O. M. Boyarkin, G. G. Boyarkina, and D. S. Vasileuskaya

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Electromagnetic and gravitational interactions of a Proca particle   pp. 335 - 342
A. J. Silenko

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The Inverse Mellin Transform Method for the Fragmentation Functions Based on the Efficient Approximations for the Contour of the Stationary Phase   pp. 343 - 349
A.V. Sidorov, V.I. Lashkevich, and O.P. Solovtsova

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PBMA-C60 Composite: Thermal Decomposition, Experiments in Mass-Spectrometer, and Quantum Chemical Modeling   pp. 350 - 356
A. O. Pozdnyakov, V. I. Nikolaev, A. L. Pushkarchuk, S. A. Kuten, and A. A. Khrutchinsky

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Interactions of Light Scalar Mesons   pp. 357 - 363
E. Z. Avakyan and S. L. Avakyan

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Polarization-Phase Dynamics in Lasers   pp. 364 - 370
L. P. Svirina

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Classical and Quantum-Mechanical Description of Dynamics of Twisted Electrons in Electromagnetic Fields   pp. 371 - 377
A. J. Silenko, P. Zhang, and L. Zou

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DFT Simulation of Supramolecular Structures Formed by Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes and Cisplatin as Agent of Cancer Therapy   pp. 378 - 383
A. L. Pushkarchuk, T. V.Bezyazychnaya, V. I. Potkin, A. P. Nizovtsev, S. Ya. Kilin, A. G. Soldatov, S. A. Kuten, A. A. Khrutchinsky, L. F. Babichev

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Quasi-Harmonic Approximation in the Case of Potential Wells of Finite Depth   pp. 384 - 388
A. V. Baran and V. V. Kudryashov

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Fractional Densities for the Wada Basins   pp. 389 - 394
Alexander V. Osipov and Dmitry W. Serow

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On the Contribution of Muon Loops to the Anomalous Magnetic Moment of the Muon   pp. 395 - 400
A. V. Sidorov, V. I. Lashkevich, and O. P. Solovtsova

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Constraints on Z-Z' Mixing with ATLAS at the LHC at 13 TeV and 79.8 fb-1   pp. 401 - 405
I. A. Serenkova, A. A. Pankov, and V. A. Bednyakov

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The Classical Energy-Momentum Problem and Fock Tensor in Relativistic Theory of Gravitation   pp. 406 - 410
A. A. Leonovich and Yu. P. Vyblyi

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