An Interdisciplinary Journal

2018, Vol.21, No.4, pp.357 - 363

Interactions of Light Scalar Mesons
E. Z. Avakyan and S. L. Avakyan

Low energy interactions of scalar mesons are investigated in the Quark Confinement Model (QCM). The correct behavior of S PP form factor in two-quark scheme in QCM have been achieved by means of the addition term in the scalar-quarks Lagrangian, which indicates a more complex structure of scalar mesons. The mentioned form factor calculated in Confined Covariant Quark Model (CCQM) with nonlocal interaction of mesons with quarks demonstrates the correct behavior with increasing mass. This may indicate that the interaction of scalar mesons in the two-quark scheme is nonlocal. The width of radiative decay Γ(f 0 (500) → γ γ ) = 0.33 KeV have been predicted in QCM. The decay width of f 0 (980) → γγ decay has been also calculated: Γ(f 0 (980) → γγ) = 0:43 KeV. This value is consistent with the value have been obtained by the analysis of the latest experimental data from [Belle Collaboration].

Key words: low energy interactions, scalar mesons, radiative decay, Quark Confinement Model

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