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Volume 22, Number 3, 2019;
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Reactor Antineutrino Detecting Reactions and Detectors   pp. 208 - 220
V. V. Gilewsky and I. S. Satsunkevich

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Unification of Design Decisions on the Basis of Average Distribution of Probabilities and Introduction of Isolated Areas for Elements of Products Described by Structured Multiple Modules   pp. 221 - 232
Boris Bazrov, Mikhail Kheifets, and Nikolay Popok

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Spontaneous Magnetization of the Hot Quark-Gluon Plasma   pp. 233 - 241
P. Minaiev and V. Skalozub

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Dynamics of Distorted Solitons in the Modified Zakharov-Kuznetsov Model   pp. 242 - 250
G. A. Omel'yanov and G. A. Orozco-Casillas

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Applying Homomorphic Cryptography Methods to the Development of Secure Big Data Management Systems   pp. 251 - 259
M. Poltavtseva and N. Shenets

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A Model of High-Concentration Phosphorus Diffusion in Silicon with Account for Crystal Lattice Deformation and Formation of Negatively Charged Clusters   pp. 260 - 268
O. I. Velichko

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Post-Quantum Primitives in Information Security   pp. 269 - 276
E. B. Aleksandrova, A. A. Shtyrkina, and A. V. Iarmak

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Graphanalytical Model of Key Distribution in Networks with Dynamic Architecture   pp. 277 - 284
A. S. Konoplev and M. O. Kalinin

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Number Theoretical Views on Resonant Rossby Wave Triads: Graphs with Vertices on Quartics   pp. 285 - 291
Miroslav Kureš

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Approximate Formulas of the Second Order of Accuracy for Expectation of Functionals from Solution to Linear SDE in Skorohod Sense   pp. 292 - 298
A. D. Egorov and A. V. Zherelo

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A New Painlevé-Integrable Equation Possessing KdV-Type Solitons   pp. 299 - 304
Sergei Sakovich

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Induced Charge in Dense Magnetized Fermionic Medium at Finite Temperature   pp. 305 - 309
E. V. Reznikov and V. V. Skalozub

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Correction on “Spin Determination and Study of the A ∼ 100 – 140 Superdeformed Mass Region Using Three Parameter Empirical Formula”: Erratum   pp. 310 - 310
A. S. Shalaby, R. W. Al-Amry, Z. Al-Full, and E. Mahrous

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