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Volume 22, Number 4, 2019;
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Strange Quark Matter as Dark Matter   pp. 311 - 317
Hidezumi Terazawa

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The Triple Anomalous Gauge Couplings Investigation on Linear e-Collider   pp. 318 - 329
I. A. Shershan and T. V. Shishkina

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Evolution of Colour in QCD and Informational Approach to Quantum Measurement   pp. 330 - 335
V. I. Kuvshinov and E. G. Bagashov

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Application of Fractal Methods to Ensure the Cyber-Resilience of Self-Organizing Networks   pp. 336 - 341
D. V. Ivanov and D. A. Moskvin

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Clinical Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the Use of Laser Photodynamic Therapy in Complex Treatment of Periodontal Diseases   pp. 342 - 353
S. A. Naumovich, V. J. Plavski, and A. V. Kuvshinov

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Dynamics of Nonlinear Processes of Corrosion of Non-Nikel Titanium Shape Memory Alloy   pp. 354 - 361
A. G. Kolmakov, E. O. Nasakina, M. A. Sevostyanov, S. V. Konushkin, K. V. Sergiyenko, and M. L. Kheifetz

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Influence of Rotation on Crystallization Process of Aluminum Melt with Reinforcing Admixtures   pp. 362 - 366
M. A. Durnev and E. D. Eidelman

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An Approximate Model of the Process of Non-Dendritic Morphology Formation in Solidification of Binary Melt under Stirring   pp. 367 - 374
Yu. A. Lebedinsky, A. M. Branovitsky, and V. A. Dement'ev

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Hybrid Neural Network Model for Protection of Dynamic Cyber Infrastructure   pp. 375 - 382
Maxim Kalinin, Roman Demidov, and Peter Zegzhda

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Periodic System of Fullerenes: the Column of Three-Fold Symmetry   pp. 383 - 394
Alexander I. Melker, Maria A. Krupina, and Ruslan M. Zarafutdinov

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Electrostatic Cumulation at Relativistic Energies   pp. 395 - 400
S. V. Anishchenko, V. G. Baryshevsky, and A. A. Gurinovich

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Experimental Minimization of Power Absorption in Chaotic Synchronization   pp. 401 - 406
Arturo Buscarino, Carlo Famoso, Luigi Fortuna, and Mattia Frasca

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Infinite Process of Forward and Backward Bifurcations in the Logistic Equation with Two Delays   pp. 407 - 412
Ilia Kashchenko and Sergey Kaschenko

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