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Volume 23, Number 4, 2020
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Spinless Particle with Darwin–Cox Structure in an External Coulomb Field   pp. 357 - 373
D. Koral’kov, E. M. Ovsiyuk, V. V. Kisel, A. V. Chichurin, Ya. A. Voynova, and V. M. Red’kov

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Investigation of the Light Yield Distribution in LYSO Crystals by the Optical Spectroscopy Method for the Electromagnetic Calorimeters of the COMET Experiment   pp. 374 - 385
V. Kalinnikov, E.Velicheva, A. Grabtchikov, I. Khodasevich, V. Orlovich, Y. Kuno, and A. Sato

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Approach for Securing Network Communications Modelling Based on Smart Multipath Routing   pp. 386 - 396
A. D. Dakhnovich, D. A. Moskvin, and D. P. Zegzhda

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Sequence Alignment Algorithms for Intrusion Detection in the Internet of Things   pp. 397 - 404
M. Kalinin and V. Krundyshev

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Post-Quantum Group-Oriented Authentication in IoT   pp. 405 - 413
E. B. Aleksandrova, A. A. Shtyrkina, and A. V. Yarmak

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Radioactive Waste Activity Resources Estimation at "Ecores" Storage Facilities   pp. 414 - 427
M. L. Zhemzhurov, N. D. Kuzmina, A. V. Kuzmin, and K. A. Yarashevich

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Neutron and Neutron-Breeding Medium Interaction Process Description Within the Physical Birth-and-Death Model   pp. 428 - 434
T. N. Korbut, M. V. Bobkova, E. A. Rudak, and I. A. Zubets

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Nonperturbative Squeezed and Entangled Collinear Gluon States   pp. 435 - 441

V. A. Shaparau and   V.I. Kuvsinov 

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Optimization of the Parameters of a Compact Laser Microchip Based on Nd:LSB with Cr:YAG Saturable Absorber   pp. 442 - 448
L. I. Burov and L. G. Krylova

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On Threshold Resummation S-Factor for a System of Two Relativistic Spinor Particles with Arbitrary Masses   pp. 449 - 460
Yu. D. Chernichenko, L. P. Kaptari, and O. P. Solovtsova

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