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Volume 23, Number 3, 2020
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Random Walk of Foraging   pp. 254 - 261
I. Grabec and A. E. Sok

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Multi-Dimensional Data Aggregation in the Analysis of Self-Similar Processes   pp. 262 - 269
M. Poltavtseva and T. Andreeva

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Modification of Recursive Kalman Filter Algorithm for Adaptive Prediction of Cyber Resilience for Industrial Systems   pp. 270 - 279
D. S. Lavrova and D. P. Zegzhda

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A Model of Multi-Domain Clustering for Local Network in Modern Vehicles   pp. 280 - 290
E. Yu. Pavlenko, K. S. Vasilyeva, and P. D. Zegzhda

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Classification of Hemodynamics Using a Diagnostic Nomogram and Ambulatory Blood Pressure Data   pp. 291 - 298
M. V. Voitikova and R. V. Khursa

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On Calculation of Means of SDE with Drift   pp. 299 - 305
Anatoly Zherelo

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Center of Mass Theorem and the Separation of Variables for Two-Body System on a Three-Dimensional Sphere   pp. 306 - 311
Yu. Kurochkin, Dz. Shoukavy, and I. Boyarina

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Estimation the Entropies Parameters of Electroencephalogram Operator Influenced by Noise Electromagnetic Radiation   pp. 312 - 316
A. V. Sidorenko and M. A. Saladukha

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Formation of Regression Model for Analysis of Complex Systems Using Methodology of Genetic Algorithms   pp. 317 - 326
Anatolii V. Mokshin, Vladimir V. Mokshin, and Diana A. Mirziyarova

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Surface Plasmon-Polaritons at the Interface of Magnetoelectric Hyperbolic Metamaterial   pp. 327 - 331
S. Kurilkina, V. Belyi, and N. Kazak

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Dark-Energy-Matter from Vacuum owing to the General Covariance Violation   pp. 332 - 337
S. L. Cherkas and V. L. Kalashnikov

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True and Fake Lax Pairs: How to Distinguish Them   pp. 338 - 341
Sergei Sakovich

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Clustering Artificial Atoms Induced by High-Frequency Electromagnetic Radiation in Graphene Monolayers of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes   pp. 342 - 356
H. V. Krylova, A. I. Timoshchenko, E. A. Avdanina, and I. V. Lipnevich

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