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Volume 24, Number 2, 2021
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Optical Vortices Generation by Azopolymeric Relief Gratings   pp. 104 - 111
E. A. Melnikova, D. V. Gorbach, I. I. Rushnova, O. S. Kabanova, S. S. Slusarenko, A. L. Tolstik, C. Losmanschii, A. Meshalkin, and E. Achimova

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E-Health System Based on Telemedicine Platform and GRID Layer Model   pp. 112 - 132
Tuyet Dao Van, M. Ablameyko, S. Ablameyko, Huy Ngo Hoang, Dzung Pham Thi Kim, Quy Hoang Van, and Huy Tran Van

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Form Factor of the Two Fermions Bound State: The Case of Equal Masses and Vector Current   pp. 133 - 144
Yu. D. Chernichenko

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Cuspon-type Waves and Their Properties   pp. 145 - 155
G. Omel'yanov

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Structurally Stable Symmetric Tilings on the Plane   pp. 156 - 165
Maria V. Makarova, Ivan A. Kovalew and Dmitry W. Serow

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Optimization of the Radiator Composition of a "Non-Burning" Fission Ionization Chamber   pp. 166 - 174
A. A. Khrushchinsky, S. A. Kuten, K. A. Verenich, L. F. Babichev, and Thi Dieu Hien Le

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A Method of Finding Discrete Controls for Switched Dynamical Systems by Applying Continued Fractions   pp. 175 - 183
S. M. Khryashchev

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Modern Technique for Real Photon Radiative Correction Calculations   pp. 184 - 191
I. A. Shershan and T. V. Shishkina

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Illusiveness of the Problem of Time   pp. 192 - 197
S. L. Cherkas and V. L. Kalashnikov

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Non-Symmetrical W-potential in Nonlinear Biophysics of Microtubules   pp. 198 - 202
Slobodan Zdravković and Vladimir Sivčević

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Exact Solution of the Schrödinger Equation for Composition of Coulomb and Oscillator Potentials   pp. 203 - 206
V. V. Kudryashov and A. V. Baran

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