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Volume 25, Number 4, 2022
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Daughter Higgs Boson in the Unified Composite Model   pp. 312 - 317
Hidezumi Terazawa

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Improved Constraints on the Heavy Gauge Bosons Decaying to Pairs of Electroweak Bosons by Using the Expected Run 3 Data and HL-LHC Options   pp. 318 - 325
I.A. Serenkova, A.A. Pankov , V.A. Bednyakov

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The Processes of Electron-Positron Scattering for Electroweak Theory Investigation   pp. 326 - 335
Yu. N. Chudnova and T. V. Shishkina

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Influence of a Magnetic Field on Electron Energy Levels in Semiconductor Quantum Dots in the Presence of Spin-Orbit Interactions   pp. 336 - 340
A. V. Baran and V. V. Kudryashov

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Numerical Simulation of Photoacoustic Effect in One-Dimensional Carbon Nanostructures   pp. 341 - 348
Oleg Romanov and Igor Timoshchenko

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Force-dependent Fluxes of Adiabatic Classical and Quantum Rocking Ratchets   pp. 349 - 358
I. V. Shapochkina, V. M. Rozenbaum, N. G. Trusevich, and L. I. Trakhtenberg

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Nonlinear Dynamics of Radiation in Multiple-Beam Vacuum Electronic Devices   pp. 359 - 367
S. N. Sytova

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On the Asymptotics of Eigenvalues of the Spin-Weighted Spheroidal Equation   pp. 368 - 376
V. S. Otchik

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Relaxation Cycles in the Generalized Logistic Equation with Delay   pp. 377 - 380
S. A. Kashchenko and A. O. Tolbey

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On Integrability of a Third-Order Complex Nonlinear Wave Equation   pp. 381 - 386
Sergei Sakovich

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Stuckelberg Particle in a Coulomb Field: A Non-Relativistic Approximation   pp. 387 - 404
E. M. Ovsiyuk, O. A. Semenyuk, A. V. Ivashkevich, and M. Neagu

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On One Approach to Mathematical Modeling of Socio-Economic Development of Regions   pp. 405 - 412
A. Zherelo, S. Chernogorsky, and K. Shvetsov

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