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Volume 26, Number 1, 2023
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Isomers of Fullerenes from C50 to C56   pp. 1 - 18
A. I. Melker, A. N. Matvienko, and M. A. Krupina

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Spiral Waves in a Simplified Model of Cardiac Tissue   pp. 19 - 26
Duryodhan Prusty and Alok Ranjan Nayak

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Discrete Quantum Gravity and Its Transition in Continuous Form in Nonperturbative Regime   pp. 27 - 40
Alexander Shalyt-Margolin

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Vector Particle with Anomalous Magnetic Moment and Electric Quadruple Moment in the Presence of Uniform Electric and Magnetic Fields   pp. 41 - 58
A. V. Ivashkevich

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Low Energy Interactions of Pseudo Scalar Mesons   pp. 59 - 67
E. Z. Avakyan and S. L. Avakyan

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Bifurcations in a Distributed Logistic Equation with Delay and a Degenerate Diffusion Operator   pp. 68 - 71
S. V. Aleshin, S. D. Glyzin, S. A. Kashchenko, and A. O. Tolbey

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Rudner Photonic Topological Insulators in the Language of the Zhegalkin Operators   pp. 72 - 76
D. Fedchenko, V. Kulikov, and I. Timofeev

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Electromagnetic Radiation and Electromagnetic Self-Force of a Point Charge in the Vicinity of the Schwarzschild Black Hole   pp. 77 - 82
S. O. Komarov, A. K. Gorbatsievich, A. S. Garkun, and G. V. Vereshchagin

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People Detecting and Tracking in Video by CNN YOLO and StrongSORT Combined Algorithm   pp. 83 - 97
Hongxu Quan, Rykhard Bohush, Guangdi Ma, Yang Weichen, and Sergey Ablameyko

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On Applications of TiO2 Quantum Dots to Solution of Optogenetics Problems   pp. 98 - 105
O. Khasanov, R. Rusetsky, O. Fedotova, D. Klezovich, A. Pashkevich, K. Pistsova, Ya. Gorbach, and D. Zharkov

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