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Volume 2, Number 4, 1999    Open Access Issue
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Entropy, Information, and Criteria of Order in Open Systems. pp.1--25
Yu.L . Klimontovich

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Cosmological experiments in liquid helium. pp.26--35
P.C. Hendry, P.V.E. McClintock

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Hyperchaos with High Metric Entropy. pp.36--40
A. Cenys, A. Tamasevicius, G. Mykolaitis, and A. Namajunas

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Chaotic Photoconductivity. pp.41--47
K. G. Kyritsi, L. Gallos, A. N. Anagnostopoulos, A. Cenys, G. L. Bleris

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Chaotic processors and content-based search of information in unstructured data bases. pp.48--53
Yu. Andreyev, A. Dmitriev, and A. Ovsyannikov

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Investigation of properties of nonlinear optical frequency-conversion and parametric interactions using Bessel nondiffracting light beams. pp.54--60
T.A. King, W. Hogervorst, N.S. Kazak, V.A. Tugbaev, V.N. Belyi, N.A. Khilo, A.A. Ryzhevich

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The Schrödinger operator with delta-potential: Finite-dimensional Perturbations Approach.  pp.61--71
A. Antonevich

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Quantum Theory of Photodetection in the Presence of Feedback. pp.72--77
S. Ya. Kilin and D. B. Horoshko

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Revising Moment Problems of Polarized Densities in Quantum Chromodynamics. pp.78--88
A. Ruffing, D. Heim, C. Dingwall, U. Pforzheimer, B. Lampe

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Mathematical Modelling of Intracellular Calcium Signal Transduction. pp.89--92
M.A. Britch

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Representation of Information in Dynamical Systems: Measures, Entropy and Fractals. pp.93--104
A. D. Linkevich

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Stationary and nonstationary symmetry-breaking optical patterns in a resonant bilayer. pp.105--110
I.V. Babushkin, Yu.A. Logvin, and N.A. Loiko

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