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Volume 3, Number 1, 2000    Open Access Issue
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Rotational Dynamics of Chiral Molecules.  pp.1--6
A.P. Blokhin and M.F. Gelin

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Hyperchaotic System with Unstable Oscillators. pp.7--10
K. Murali, A. Tamaševicius, G. Mykolaitis, Namajunas, and E. Lindberg

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On Global Bifurcations and Hilbert's Sixteenth Problem. pp.11--27
Valery A. Gaiko

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Squeezed States of Colour Gluons in QCD Isolated Jet. pp.28--36
V.I. Kuvshinov and V.A. Shaparau

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Thermodynamical Description of the Thermochemical Mechanisms of DNA Deformation.  pp.37--40
V.B. Nemtsov

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Performance of the Optical Parametric Generation in Nonlinear KTP Crystal at Nd:YAG Laser Pumping. pp.41--48
V.N. Belyi, N.S. Kazak, V.A. Orlovich and B.B. Sevruk

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Dynamical Behaviour and Frequency Spectra of the Short-time Human Memory. pp.49--54
R.M. Yulmetyev and F.M. Gafarov

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Mathematical Analysis and Generalization of Modern Methods of Constructing Soliton Solutions. pp.55--60
S.V. Zhestkov and V.I. Kuvshinov

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Classical Billiards in a Magnetic Field and a Potential. pp.61--70
N. Berglund

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The Use of Low Dimensional Models of Engineering Dynamical Systems. pp.71--80
Steven R. Bishop

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The Turning Point Dynamics and the Organization of Chaos in Iterative Maps. pp.81--86
F.K. Diakonos and P. Schmelcher

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Off-lattice Simulation of the Fractal Growth with Attractive Radial Drift and Mobility. pp.87--92
V.S. Gurin and V.P. Poroshkov

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Fluctuation Index as a Measure of Heartbeat Irregularity.  pp.93--98
Rudolph C. Hwa

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Semiclassical Expansion for the Angular Momentum. pp.99--103
M. Robnik and L. Salasnich

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Higher Order Term and Dynamical Behavior of Skyrmion. pp.104--108
Nguyen Vien Tho and To Ba Ha

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