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Volume 3, Number 2, 2000    Open Access Issue
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On the Stability of Solutions of Impulsive Partial Differential-Functional Equations of First Order via Lyapunov Functions. pp.109--116
Drumi Bainov, Emil Minchev

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Non-Hyperbolic Dynamics: a Family of Special Functions. pp.117--121
M. Morandi Cecchi, L. Salasnich

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Bifurcations in Dynamical Systems with Inputs. pp.122--131
A.T. Vlassov

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Quantum Noise and Quantum Maps. pp.132--134
Z. Haba

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Application of Some Concepts and Methods of Functional Analysis in Experimental Studies of Nonlinear Phenomena. pp.135--152
Alexander D. Linkevich

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Reestablishing Equilibrium Paths in a Neo-Austrian Model: Analysis of Transitory Regimes. pp.153--170
Claude Froeschlé, Elena Lega

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Critical Curves of Plane Poiseuille Flow with Slip Boundary Conditions. pp.171--173
Andreas Spille , Alexander Rauh, Heiko Bühring

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An Experimental Determination of the Critical Exponents at the Metal-Insulator Transition in Germanium, ”Doped” by Radiation Defects. pp.174--176
S. A. El-Hakim

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The Self-Ionization Process for Atomic Ions in a Magnetic Field. pp.177--180
P. Schmelcher

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Nonlinear dynamics of carriers in aluminum cryoconductors under the action of crossed electric and magnetic field. pp.181--187
V.R. Sobol, O.N. Mazurenko, M. Zoli

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Smoothing Chaotic Spectrum of Nonautonomous Oscillator. pp.188--191
A. Namajunas, A. Tamaševicius, G. Mykolaitis, A. Cenys

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Schödinger Difference Operators with Quadratic Potentials on Geometric Progressions. pp.192--207
Andreas Ruffing

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A Biological Generator of Prime Numbers. pp.208--213
Eric Goles, Oliver Schulz, and Mario Markus

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