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Volume 3, Number 4, 2000    Open Access Issue
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Kinetic Approach to the Nucleation-and-Growth Phase Transition in Complex Systems. pp.321--352
Adam Gadomski

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On High Order Asymptotic Solutions of the Hopf Equation. pp.353--361
A.B. Antonevich and O.N. Pyzhkova

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An Example of Interplay Between Theoretical Results on the Structure of Dynamical Systems and Numerical Experiments Based on Mapping Modeling. pp.362--375
Claude Froeschlé and Elena Lega

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Energy Level Statistics in a Molecular System with Three Degrees of Freedom: HCN/HNC. pp.376--379
Luis Seidel, Rosa M. Benito, and F. Borondo

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Variations of the Stability Due to the Time-Delay in the Immune Response. pp.380--388
N. Buric and N. Vasovic

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To Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Second Order Phase Transitions. pp.389--406
Yu.L. Klimontovich

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A Predator-Prey Model with Some Cover on Prey Species. pp.407--420
J. Chattopadhyay, N. Bairagi, and R. R. Sarkar

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Similarities in Mathematical Models of Information Processing in Neural and Quantum Networks. pp.421--425
Mitja Perus

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