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Volume 4, Number 1, 2001    Open Access Issue
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Suppression of Timing Jitter for Optical Solitons in Fibers pp.1--5
E.V. Doktorov and I.S. Kuten

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Instabilities of Periodic Orbits in Lasers with Oscillating Delayed Feedback pp.6-12
E.V. Grigorieva

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Antiferroelectric Phase Transition in a Thermal Gas and Self-consistent Gibbs Distribution over Quasienergies  pp.13-17
V.V. Kocharovsky, Vl.V. Kocharovsky, and V.A. Kukushkin

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Self-Organization in Intelligent Multi-Agent Systems and Neural Networks. I  pp.18-46
Alexander D. Linkevich

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Testing and Forecasting the Time Series of the Solar Activity by Singular Spectrum Analysis  pp.47-57
A. Loskutov, I.A. Istomin, K.M. Kuzanyan, and O.L. Kotlyarov

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Generalized Dynamics of the Conformational Mobility in the DNA Molecule pp.58-63
V.B. Nemtsov and A.N. Kamluk

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Order-to-Chaos Transition in Su(2) Spatially Homogeneous Model Field System pp.64-66
V.I. Kuvshinov and A.V. Kuzmin

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Solitons in ferromagnets and the KdV Hierarchy  pp.67-84
H. Leblond

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Description of Undercritical and Overcritical f0 Avalanche Hierarchy in the Bak-Sneppen Evolution Model  pp.85-89
W. Li and X. Cai

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Control of Dynamic Behavior in the Bistable Region of Laser Diodes pp.90-93
L.I. Burov, V.K. Kononenko, M.I. Kramar, and G.I. Ryabtsev

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Time-Delay Study of Earth Orientation Parameters at Inter-Annual Time Scales pp.94-105
P. Manneville

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