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Volume 4, Number 2, 2001    Open Access Issue
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Matrix Decompositions of Vector Functions and Shift Operators on the Trajectories of a Nonlinear Dynamical System pp.106-115
Alexander M. Krot

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The Isochronicity Conditions for Some Cubic Systems pp.116-122
Valery G. Romanovski, Marko Robnik, and Olga I. Romanovskaya

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Spatial-Temporal Dynamics of the Concentration Response of Polarizable Particles Acted upon by a Gradient Force in a Laser Radiation Field pp.123-128
A.N. Rubinov, A.A. Afanas'ev, Yu.A. Kurochkin, and S.Yu. Mikhnevich

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Transverse Field Effects and Electron Transport in Quasi-One-Dimensional Systems pp.129-135
George G. Krylov

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Model of the Scattered Moonlight pp.136-139
O.P. Kuznechik, V.N. Gorenkov, and O.O. Kuznechik

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Reconstruction of Neural Network from MEG Data of Cortical Activity pp.140-149
H.V. Grushevskaya and I.I. Kopts

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Coexistence of the Spanning Clusters with Percolation on a Square Lattice above Percolation Threshold pp.150-156
P.S.Grinchuk, N.V.Pavlyukevich, S.Borodetsky, and S.Rozin

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Multi-level Synergetic Computation in Brain pp.157-193
Mitja Perus

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Distribution of Regular and Irregular Orbits pp.194-205
G. Contopoulos

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Using Chaos to Reduce Oscillations pp.206-211
A. Dabrowski and T. Kapitaniak

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