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Volume 4, Number 3, 2001    Open Access Issue
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Self-Organization in Intelligent Multi-Agent Systems and Neural Networks. II pp.212-249
Alexander D. Linkevich

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A Synergetic Approach for the Analysis of Spatio-Temporal Signals pp.250-263
C. Uhl, R. Friedrich, and H. Haken

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Socio-Spatial Dynamics and Control of Bifurcations footnotemark  pp.264-279
Michael Sonis

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Calcium Oscillations in the Living Cell: Biological Relevance of Multi-compartment Mathematical Models pp.280-284
M. Brumen, A. Fajmut, and M. Marhl

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Paired Lyapunov Exponents Characterise Blood Flow Dynamics in Healthy Subjects pp.285-294
M. Bracic and A. Stefanovska

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On Calculation of Functional Integrals Based on Solution of Stochastical Differential Equation with Respect to Arbitrary Martingale pp.295-298
A.V. Zherelo

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Thermopower of a Mesoscopic 2DEG Semiconductor Junction pp.299-301
A. H. Aly and M. A. Morsy

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Dynamics of Self-Organization of Spherical Symmetric Structure of Laser Radiation in a Nonlinear Medium pp.302-305
V.V. Kabanov

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Large Deviation for Non-Linear Random Fields pp.306-309
R'emi L'eandre

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New Physics Effects in Fermion-pair Production at e+e- Colliders pp.310-317
D. Balaschenko, E. Korshunov, and A. Pankov

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