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Volume 7, Number 4, 2004    Open Access Issue
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Random Processes Approximation via Kernel Operators. pp.314-331
E. Capobianco

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Model and Problem on Flow of Magnetorheological Fluid.  pp.332-346
W.G. Litvinov

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To the Problem of Primordial Black Holes Detection. pp.347-358
V.V. Tikhomirov, S.E. Siahlo, Y.V. Bondarenko

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A Result on Asymptotic Behaviour of Solutions of Certain Non-Autonomous Differential Equations of the Fifth Orde. pp.359-367
Cemil Tunç

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Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Bubble Structures in Strong Acoustic Fields. pp.368-376
A.A. Doinikov

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Nonperturbative Algorithm for Density Matrix Calculation.  pp.377-384
I.D.Feranchuk, A.A.Ivanov

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Probing and Identifying Extra Dimensions at LHC. pp.385-392
A.A. Pankov

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Two-photon Creation of Lepton Pairs in pp-Collisions.   pp.393-399
N. M. Shumeiko, A. V. Soroko, P. M. Starovoitov

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Recovery of Time-Delay Systems with Two Delays from Time Series. pp.400-404
M.D. Prokhorov and V.I. Ponomarenko

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Linear Augmented Slater-type Orbital Method within LDA+U approach. pp.405-409
N.G. Yakutovich , N.N. Dorozhkin

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Consequences of Ginzburg-Landau Model for First-Order Phase Transition from QGP to Hadrons. pp.410-414
L.F. Babichev, D.V. Klenitsky and V.I. Kuvshinov

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Exactly Solvable Nonlinear Master Equation. pp.415-417
S. Maximov and A. Grinchuk

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