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Volume 11, Number 4, 2008
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Schrödinger Particle in Magnetic and Electric Fields in Lobachevsky and Riemann Spaces.  pp.403-416
A. A. Bogush, V. M. Red'kov, and G. G. Krylov

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Diffusion and Electron Charge Transfer in Thin Metal-Containing LB-Films.   pp.417-428
H. V. Grushevskaya, V. V. Hrushevsky, G. G. Krylov, I. V. Lipnevich, T. I. Orekhovskaya, M. A. Senuk, T. A. Burenkova, and S. V. Gusakova

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Nonlinear Dynamics of Directly Modulated Quantum-Well Heterostructure Laser Diodes and Deviation of the Emission Frequency.  pp.429-439
V.K.Kononenko, B.F.Kuntsevich, M.Marciniak

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Fractional APT in QCD.   pp.440-449
Alexander P. Bakulev

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Spatial Instabilities of Singular Light Beams in Nonlinear Cavity.  pp.450-457
O. G. Romanov

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Quantum Mechanical Kepler Problem on the Lobachevsky Plane.  pp.458-464
Yu. A. Kurochkin and V. S. Otchik

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Transparent Microspheres Pattern Generation in Liquid by Counter-propagating Beams of Laser Radiation.  pp.465-470
A. A. Afanas'ev, A. N. Rubinov, V. M. Volkov, N. A. Izobov, and S. Yu. Mikhnevich

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Chaos Communication Using Controlled Chaotic Systems.  pp.471-476
A. Boukabou, A. Amri, and R. Alouache

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Study of Weak Charged Current in Polarized Lepton Deep Inelastic Scattering Including Higher Order Effects.   pp.477-482
S. N. Sevbitov and T. V. Shishkina

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Extreme Multiplicity Study: Advancement and Outlook.  pp.483-487
Elena Kokoulina, Igor Roufanov, Andrey Kutov, and Vasiliy Ryadovikov

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Stochastic Dynamics of Nonlinear Optimization by Gradient Descent and the Learning of Neural Networks.  pp.488-492
A. D. Linkevich

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Trivial Centers of a Cubic System of Liénard Type.  pp.493-497
L. Cherkas and V. G. Romanovski

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Risk Evaluation of Ventricular Tachycardia and Ventricular Fibrillation Using Wavelet Transform of Heart Rhythm Variability.  pp.498-502
M. V. Voitikova and A. P. Voitovich

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Relation Between the X-Dependence of Higher Twist Contribution to f3 and g1p - g1n in the Light of the Recent Experimental Data.  pp.503-506
Alexander V. Sidorov

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