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Volume 12, Number 3, 2009
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Decomposition, Integration, and Emergence in Complex System Design.  pp.211-231
Mahmoud Efatmaneshnik and Carl Reidsema

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Maxwell Equations in Riemannian Space-Time, Geometry Effect on Constitutive Relations in Media.   pp.232-250
V. M. Red'kov, N. G. Tokarevskaya, E. M. Bychkouskaya, and George J. Spix

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The Spatio-Temporal Structure of Nonlinear Response of an Active Media in a Self-Organization System.  pp.251-266
Victor F. Dailyudenko

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Finite-Difference Time-Domain Simulation of Light Propagation in 2D Scattering Media.   pp.267-274
Oleg G. Romanov, Alexei L. Tolstik, Noe Ortega-Quijano, Felix Fanjul-Velez, and Jose Luis Arce-Diego

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Can the Left Right Symmetric Model Explain the Muon Anomalous Magnetic Moment?  pp.275-281
O. M. Boyarkin, G. G. Boyarkina, and V. V. Makhnatch

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Statistical Analysis of Experimental Activity Ratio of Nuclides in Soil of Gomel Region.  pp.282-288
Eduard Rudak and Olga Yachnik

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Smooth Solutions of Modified Madelung Equations.  pp.289-294
A. T. Bagmanov and A. L. Sanin

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Production of at VEPP-4M and BEPCII.  pp.295-299
A. A. Malik and I. S. Satsunkevich

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Simple One-Dimensional Optical Logic Elements Based on Nonlinear Photonic Crystal.   pp.300-304
Denis V. Novitsky

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On Possibility of QCD-Instanton Identification at LHC.  pp.305-309
Roman Shulyakovsky

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Approximate Calculation of Integrals with Respect to Measure Generated by the Solution of a System of Stochastic Differential Equations.  pp.310-314
Anatoly V. Zherelo

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