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Volume 15, Number 1, 2012
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Spin Determination and Study of the A 100 - 140 Superdeformed Mass Region Using Three Parameter Empirical Formula.  pp.1-22
A. S. Shalaby, R. W. Al-Amry, Z. Al-Full, and E. Mahrous

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Simulation of Carbon Nanotubes and Resonant Excitation of their Mechanical Vibrations by Electromagnetic Field for Nanoradio Applications.   pp.23-42
Viatcheslav Barkaline, Igor Abramov, Eugene Belogurov, Aliaksandr Chashynski, Vladimir Labunov, Alexander Pletezhov, Yaroslav Shukevich

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On a Dirac Particle in a Uniform Magnetic field in 3-Dimensional Space of Constant Negative Curvature.  pp.43-57
E. M. Ovsiyuk, V. V. Kisel, and V. M. Red'kov

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Relativistic Equations with a Superposition of Nonlinear Delta-Function Potentials.   pp.58-69
V. N. Kapshai and Y. A. Hryshechkin

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Shape Analysis for Complex Systems Using Information Geometry Tools.  pp.70-73
Angela De Sanctis

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Modulated Kink-Antikink Collisions in System of Coupled Models.  pp.74-83
A.Halavanau and Ya.Shnir

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On Solutions of Maxwell Equations in the Space-Time of Schwarzschild Black Hole.  pp.84-94
E. M. Ovsiyuk

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Selection Criteria of Digital Maps for Data Encryption Algorithms from the Viewpoint of Dynamical Chaos.  pp.95-104
A.V. Sidorenko and K. S. Mulyarchik

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