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Volume 16, Number 2, 2013
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The Relevance of Brody Level Spacing Distribution in Dynamically Localized Chaotic Eigenstates  pp.105-115
Benjamin Batistic, Thanos Manos, and Marko Robnik

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Seismic Statistics : Universality and Interim Report on the 3. 11 Earthquake (2011) in Fukushima-Miyagi Area  pp.116-130
Yoji Aizawa, Tomohiro Hasumi, and Satoru Tsugawa

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Spatial-Temporal Dynamics of Light Beam Interactions in Nonlinear Interferometer  pp.131-145
Oleg G. Romanov and Alexei L. Tolstik

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Non-equilibrium Stochastic Dynamics of Open Ion Channels  pp.146-161
R. Tindjong, I. Kaufman, D. G. Luchinsky, P. V. E. McClintock, I. Khovanov, and R.S. Eisenberg

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Overcoming Linear Dissipation by Designed Nonlinear Loss  pp.162-179
A. Mikhalychev, D. Mogilevtsev, V. S. Shchesnovich, A. M. Ishkhanyan, and S. Kilin

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Quantum Bayes' Theorem  pp.181-182
Hermann Haken

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Confinement, Decoherence, Chaos, Higgs boson, Entanglement and so on  pp.183-188
V. I. Kuvshinov

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Charge Carriers Asymmetry and Energy Minigaps in Monolayer Graphene: Dirac - Hartree - Fock approach  pp.189-208
H. V. Grushevskaya and G. G. Krylov

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