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Volume 23, Number 1, 2020;
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Modeling of Lizard Skin Pattern by Cellular Automaton   pp. 1 - 16
I. Grabec and A. E. Sok

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The distribution of localization measures of chaotic eigenstates in the stadium billiard   pp. 17 - 32
B. Batistic, Č. Lozej, and M. Robnik

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QFT in Flat Space and Measurability II. Perturbation Theory for a Scalar Field Model   pp. 33 - 53
A. Shalyt-Margolin

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Multi-Factor One-Way Authentication and Key Retrieval Based on Ideal Threshold Secret Sharing   pp. 54 - 65
N. Shenets

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Radiation of Charge Moving Between Two Planar Periodic Wire Structures   pp. 66 - 71
E. A. Gurnevich and I. V. Moroz

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Local Thermalization of Gluons in a Nonlinear Model   pp. 72 - 78
Georg Wolschin

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A modified Efficient Manifold Ranking Algorithm for Large Database Image Retrieval   pp. 79 - 89
Quy Hoang Van, Huy Ngo Hoang, Tuyet Dao Van, Sergey Ablameyko, and Huy Tran Van

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Dynamics of Liquid Lithium Atoms: Time Scales and Dynamic Correlation Functions   pp. 90 - 96
R. M. Khusnutdinoff

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Canonical Submersion and Lie Homomorphisms Normal Subgroup   pp. 97 - 101
Mikhail Petrichenko and Dmitry W. Serow

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