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Volume 6, Number 2, 2003    Open Access Issue
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Infinite Product Manifolds and Cyclic Homology. pp.592-596
Rémi Léandre

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Periodic Solution of a Discrete Time Periodic Three-Species Food-Chain Model with Functional Response and Time Delays.  pp.597-606
Qiming Liu and Rui Xu

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Equations for Coupled Diffusion of Dopant Atoms and Point Defects in Semiconductor Crystals. pp.607-618
O.I. Velichko and A.K. Fedotov

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Are Hoping Theories of Electrical Conductivity Applicable to Explain Ionic Conduction? The Chalcogenide Composition as an Example. pp.619-629
S. A. El-Hakim

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Anomalous Light Scattering Close to Percolation Threshold. pp.630-638
P.S. Grinchuk

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Forecasting of the Republic of Belarus Development Dynamics until 2015.  pp.639-645
Yury G. Imamutdzinau and Valery Ya. Asanovich

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Quasistable Control Problems for Differential Inclusions with Delay. pp.646-653
L.I. Minchenko and A.A. Volosevich

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On WKB-Quantization for Kepler Problem in Euclide, Riemann, and Lobachevsky 3-Spaces.   pp.654-668
V.M. Red'kov

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Nonlinear Models for Semiconductor Market Forecast. pp.669-677
M. Bucolo, F. Caizzone, L. Fortuna, L. Melluzzo, and G. Tomarchio

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Mathematical Representation of Social Systems. Uncertainty and Optimization of Social System Evolution. pp.678-686
I. A. Miklashevich

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Investigation of Complex Dynamics and Regime Control in Pierce Diode with Delay Feedback. pp.687-695
A.E. Hramov, A.A. Koronovskii, and I.S. Rempen

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