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Volume 13, Number 3, 2010
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Stability of Detritus-Based Complex Real Ecosystem.  pp.230-248
Nurul Huda Gazi and Kalyan Das

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The Lorentz Group, Noncommutative Space-Time, and Nonlinear Electrodynamics in Majorana - Oppenheimer Formalism.   pp.249-266
V. Red'kov and E. Tolkachev

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Information Geometry of a Regime-Switching Model with Time-Varying Parameters.  pp.267-276
Angela De Sanctis

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Phase Coherence Analysis of Insect Flight.   pp.277-285
E. Y. Shchekinova

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Target Mass Corrections: Revisited.  pp.286-294
V.I.Lashkevich and O.P.Solovtsova

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Elastic Photon Scattering on the Deuteron in a Potential Model.  pp.295-301
M. I. Levchuk and A. I. L'vov

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Obliquely Propagating Electron-Acoustic Solitary Waves in Plasma with Nonthermal Electron.  pp.302-308
S. A. Elwakil, E. K. El-Shewy, and H. G. Abdelwahed

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Real-Time Optical Phase Conjugation for Scattering Compensation in Turbid Media.  pp.309-314
Dmitry V. Gorbach, Alexei L. Tolstik, Oleg G. Romanov, Noe Ortega-Quijano, Felix Fanjul-Velez, and Jose Luis Arce-Diego

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Cosmological Production of Fermions in a Flat Friedman Universe with Linearly Growing Scale Factor: Exactly Solvable Model.   pp.315-319
S. V. Anischenko, S. L. Cherkas, and V. L. Kalashnikov

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The Low-Energy Compton Scattering on the Basis of the Effective Lagrangian in the Gauge Invariance Approach for Spin 1/2 Particle.  pp.320-324
N. V. Maksimenko and S. A. Lukashevich

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Discrimination of Atrial Tachyarrhythmias Based on Stationary Wavelet Transform of Electrocardiogram.  pp.325-329
M. V. Voitikova and A. P. Voitovich

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Exact Quantum Master Equation for N Interacting Anharmonic Oscillators Bilinearly Coupled to a Harmonic Bath.  pp.330-333
M. F. Gelin and A. P. Blokhin

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