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Volume 16, Number 3, 2013
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Nonlinear Effects in Generation of Radiation by Relativistic Electron Beams in One-Dimensional Periodic Structures   pp.209-216
V. G. Baryshevsky, P. V. Molchanov

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Operator Method for Nonperturbative Description of Quantum Systems  pp.217-231
I.Feranchuk, A. Ivanov, and A. Ulyanenkov

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Propagation and Self-Action of Pulsed Singular Light Beams in Media with Nonlocal Thermomechanical Response  pp.232-241
Oleg G. Romanov

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Evolution of Colour Superposition in the Stochastic QCD Vacuum  pp.242-246
V. I. Kuvshinov and E. G. Bagashov

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Neutral particle focusing in composite driven dissipative billiards  pp.247-254
Benno Liebchen, Christoph Petri, Mario Krizanac, and Peter Schmelcher

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Black Hole Quantum Entropy and Its Minimal Value  pp.255-260
Ya.V. Dydyshka and A. E. Shalyt-Margolin

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Particle with spin 1 in spherical Riemann space: Pauli approximation in spherically symmetric potentials  pp.261-278
E. M. Ovsiyuk, K. V. Kazmerchuk, and O. V. Veko

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Three-Boson Form-Factors in W-Pair Production  pp.279-286
V. Gilewsky

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Prospective Side Effects of the Heat And Mass Transfers in Micro-Porous Structure of Char During Intermediate and Final Stages of the High-Temperature Pyrolysis  pp.287-301
Aliaksandr Alevanau,Weihong Yang, Wlodzimierz Blasiak, Olgerd Kuznechik, and Oleksandr Vyhoniailo

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Operation with Laser Radiation by Using of Liquid Crystal Elements  pp.302-308
A. A. Kazak, A. L. Tolstik, E. A. Melnikova and A. A. Komar

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Monte Carlo Simulation of the Electromagnetic Calorimeter Work by GEANT4  pp.309-313
R. V. Salianka

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