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Volume 18, Number 3, 2015;
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«Quantum and Classical Chaos: What comes next?»



Quantum and Classical Chaos: What comes next?  pp.284-287
T. Prosen

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Complex Aspects in Hamiltonian Dynamics and Statistics  pp.288-302
Tassos Bountis and Helen Christodoulid

Abstract     Full text:  Acrobat PDF (441KB)  

Modern String Theory and Particle Physics  pp.303-309
Mirjam Cvetič

Abstract     Full text:  Acrobat PDF (406KB)  

Planetary Systems and the Formation of Habitable Planets  pp.310-325
Rudolf Dvorak, Thomas I. Maindl, Christoph Burger, Christoph Schäfer and Roland Speith

Abstract     Full text:  Acrobat PDF (498KB)  

Confined and Chaotic Behaviour of Quantum Colour Particles in QCD Vacuum  pp.326-334
V. I. Kuvshinov and E. G. Bagashov

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Studies of Dynamical Localization in a Finite-dimensional Model of the Quantum Kicked Rotator  pp.335-355
Thanos Manos and Marko Robnik

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Statistical Properties of One-dimensional Time-dependent Hamilton Oscillators: From the Parametrically Adiabatic Driving to the Kicked Systems  pp.356-380
Marko Robnik

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Some Analytical Aspects of the Nonlinear Fourier Transform  pp.381-391
Pavle Saksida

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Chronotaxic Systems: A Simple Paradigm to Treat Time-Dependent Oscillatory Dynamics Stable under Continuous Perturbation  pp.392-400
Miraslau L. Barabash, Yevhen F. Suprunenko and Aneta Stefanovska

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Microwave Experiments in Complex Systems: From Quantum Chaos to Monster Waves  pp.401-409
H.-J. Stöckmann

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