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Volume 8, Number 4, 2005    Open Access Issue
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Strong Polarized Field Evolution in Nonlinear Isotropic Medium.II. Monochromatic Plane Wave and Two-Level System.  pp.317-330
L.I. Burov, S.G. Babichev, A.S. Gorbatsevich, and A.B. Starovybornov

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Weak Asymptotics for the Problem of Interaction of Two Shock Waves.   pp.331-341
R. Flores Espinoza and G. A. Omel'yanov

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Varying Physical Constants -Theory of Special Inconstancy.   pp.342-350
Hidezumi Terazawa

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The Nyström Method for Solving State Equations in Momentum Space with QCD-Inspired Potential.  pp.351-358
V.V. Andreev and A.A. Yuchko

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Dynamics of Electron Beam Instabilities under Conditions of Multiwave Distributed Feedback .  pp.359-365
K.G.Batrakov and S.N.Sytova

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Derivation of Gauge Boson Masses from the Dynamics of Levy Flows.  pp.366-372
Ervin Goldfain

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Effect of Microwave Fields on Brain Electrical Activity. Analysis by Discrete Wavelet Tools.  pp.373-379
M.V. Voitikova

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Rotational Depolarization of Luminescence in a Strong Electric Field. WKB-Approximation for the Green Function.  pp.380-385
Victor Gaisyonok and George Krylov

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Forward-Backward Parametric Scattering Switching Forced by Pump Frequency Modulation.   pp.386-390
V.I. Arkhipenko, E.Z.Gusakov, V.A. Pisarev, L.V. Simonchik, B.O.Yakovlev

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The Method of High-efficiency Second Harmonic Generation by Bessel Light Beams.   pp.391-395
S. Kurilkina, V. Belyi, and N. Kazak

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The Electromagnetic Properties of the Meson in the Instantaneous Bethe-Salpeter Approach.   pp.396-400
O.M. Deryuzhkova, N.V. Maksimenko, and E.V. Vakulina

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Operator Method in the Problem of a Lengthy System of Two-Level Atoms Interacting with a Single-Mode Quantum Field.   pp.401-405
O.A. Migal and I.D. Feranchuk

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Surface Polaritons at the Interface of Gyrotropic and Nonlinear Isotropic Media.  pp.406-408
V.M. Galynsky, A.N. Furs, and L.M. Barkovsky

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Electroweak Radiative Effects in the Process. Automatic Loop Calculations Using FeynArts, FormCalc, and LoopTools.   pp.409-420
I.B. Marfin and T.V. Shishkina

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